Friday, April 29, 2011

My 2nd Blog On England

By Shelli Bullard Trowbridge
With the whole Royal Wedding event going on today, lots of people have England on their mind.  This Indie Girl always has England on her mind.  Like I said in my last blog, England is like a 2nd home to me.  I seem to tweet at least twice a week how “I wish I was in England right now.”  So my dear Indie/Geek friends, here are a few of my favorite England spots that I would like to return to.

Spot # 1:  Near my good friend Lindow Man.  I have at least ten pictures of my good friend. He’s the only man in my life that I have ever been in a lasting relationship with.  Lindow Man can be found squished up somewhere in the amazing British Museum.  Lindow Man was a human sacrifice a long time ago (around 2BC) during the time of the Druids in ancient Britain.  He was about 25 years old,  in perfect health (minus an infestation of worms), but he seemed to have lived a comfortable life.  Until one day he was struck over the head with a heavy object, strangled and tossed in a bog.  Yes, I’m a Geek. I love this kind of stuff and I will spend an hour at the British Museum just studying my man, Lindow Man.

SPOT # 2:  A place called The Orchard with freakin’ awesome carrot cake.  I love literature.  I have read everything from Shakespeare to the entire Harry Potter series.  The Orchard is a tiny garden which combines my two favorite things: tea and a garden.  I walked the same path to The Orchard as the Grantchester Group. They were well known authors during the First World War.  E.M. Forster, Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf, Bertrand Russell, Augustus John, Maynard Keynes, and Ludwig Wittgenstein  are a few of the famous authors that drank tea and ate cake here.  After a 2-mile walk through pasture, you reach a tiny garden door, which leads you into the most amazing garden.  There you can sit under a large tree, sip tea and eat amazing desserts.  The most amazing thing that I will never forget is knowing that I sat under the same tree as those famous authors. 

Tea For Two

SPOT # 3:  Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.  Imagine watching Othello performed right before your eyes, and if you just stuck out your hand, you could touch the actor’s costume.  Don’t get me started on the theater I could write an entire book on the subject.  If you every go to England please go to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.  Choose to stand in the front row (no sitting allowed) I didn’t even mind when I was spit upon on accident by one of the performers.  Front row you see all the action and it is worth standing up for 4 hours.

Me in the Middle Globe Theater

There are tons more spots in England that I would love to tell you about.  However, this blog is becoming too long and it is time to wrap it up.  Being Indie is about exploring, getting out there and opening up your mind.  England did that for me.  I learned so much about history, literature and art, but most of all about myself.  Well, it’s getting late and this Indie Girl has to go and go to sleep!  Good Night. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You can Bring People Together With Mentos And Diet Coke

This is a fun party trick.  So Simple and so much fun!

  •  6 pieces of Mint Mentos
  • (1) 2 Liter Bottle of Diet Coke
  • Go Outside!

I know, I know everybody has shown a video of themselves doing this trick.  I just had to do it for myself and why not post a video too.

Some Other Fun Metos + Coke Videos:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Indie Girl And Her Amazing Ts

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Every Monday through Friday, you will find this Indie Girl looking slightly uncomfortable in dress pants and shirt.  However, when Saturday comes around, I feel most like myself in a t-shirt and jeans.  I don’t just fling on any old T in the morning; oh no it takes styling skills to choose the right T.  Your t-shirt must reflect the inner you, and what you want the world to know about you. 

Below are a few Ts that represent me.

The Classic Star Wars T:  Reflects my inner geek.  

The I’m A Noun T:  Will confuse the stupid people who have no idea what a noun is, this reflects your inner genius. 

The Zombie T:  Is helpful in case of a Zombie Attack.  You never know when you might need a “How To Guide”. 
Preparing for Zombie Battle

Never think that a T is just a T; realize that it must reflect who you are and what you want the world to know.  I’ve also included a link to one of my favorite online stores where they have a ton of Sweet T’s!  Now this Indie Girl's gotta go and Create Something! :)
Zombie Shirt on the Left Side.

My Favorite Place To Buy Ts!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I liked/Disliked about Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1


1. Dobby Death Scene:  I cried when Dobby passed away it was a touching scene and I am glad they kept that in the movie.

2. Turning into Harry Potter:  Amazing funny scene when everyone turns into Harry Potter right before they escape the Dursley's home.

3.  Ron Gets Grumpy:  It was difficult to read when Ron leaves the group because of his jealousy issues but I'm glad they kept that in the movie it plays an important part in the books.

4.  Malfoy's Are Afraid:  I was glad to see that they made it a point to show how fearful Lucius was of Voldemort.  Before Voldemort came back Lucius was the big dog but then Lucius reliazes how cruel controlling Voldemort is.  The actor Jason Isaacs played that well showing the fear in Lucious eyes.  You could tell the whole Malfoy family was suffering under Voldemort.

5.  The Animated tale of the Three Brothers was awesome.

What I Disliked:

1.  When Hedwig dies.  It was hard reading it in the book, hard to see it in the movie.

2.  Potter Watch Radio Program:  I would have liked to see them listening to Fred and Lee Jordan's underground radio program it just was one of my favorite parts in the book.

3.  I wish they wouldn't have skipped over the scene when he watches the Dursley's leave.  They should have shown how Dudley was kind to him and the scene with Petunia that is in the book.  Would have shown why Petunia was the way she was. 

Movie was fun to watch and like always; books are always better then the movie.  Now this Indie Girl must get back to work! :)  Here is a clip from the movie!

Friday, April 15, 2011

See What Mom Drew!

Little French Girl. By Shelli Bullard Trowbridge

Sorry my dear, sweet, awesome Indie blog followers no blog this week.  Due to getting my old computer worked on, my nephew arriving this weekend and crazy work stuff, this Indie Girl just couldn’t work on a blog.  I will have two blogs next week, just like always though. Indie Girl Honor. 

I will say there is some exciting stuff happening this week; Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One is released today, The Decemberists have released a new music video, and I found this video on the TheForce.Net thought it was  cute.

Enjoy the wonderful drawing my Mum drew!  She is one awesome, rockin’ artist!

So lots of exciting stuff for this week stay tuned for a Brand New Exciting Blog next Friday!!!  Now this Indie Girl must go and Create something! J

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Thousand Little Seeds, A Thousand Little Souls

Photo by Konrad Wyrebek
My big question is: What makes something art?  What defines art?  Many people have different views on what makes something art.  Some people will say it is only art if you know what they drew.  For some, it’s only art if it has a meaning behind it, and for others it’s the exploration of art that makes it art. 

A recent exhibition at the Tate Modern Gallery has some people trying to answer those questions.  An artist by the name Ai Weiwei who is from Beijing, China created a  piece called “Sunflower Seeds” (Unilever Series).  It’s made up of millions and millions of hand painted porcelain seeds, each one is unique created by varies skilled artisans (Unilever Series).  The art represents a time when China was ravaged by Mao Zedong's brutal Cultural Revolution in which Mao showed himself as the sun and the people of China as sunflowers gazing upon him (Unilever Series).  For Ai Weiwei, it represents human compassion, individualism, and what can happen when people join together (Unilever Series).

I’ve included links to videos and more information on “Sunflower Seeds”.  When you look at this type of art, how do you feel about it?  What do you think of when you view it?  Is it art to you?  Remember, art is how you feel about it, not what others tell you to feel about it.  If Ai Weiwei had not explained how he felt about the piece and you had no idea how it was produced or why, would you call it art?

What defines this as art or does it?  The meaning of seeing each little seed as a human being changes your view of “Sunflower Seeds” you no longer see them as simple seeds but as individuals massed together forming one sculpture.  When I saw this piece, I thought of creation, God creates sunflower seeds and people each unique as well.  I also thought of me as one of those seeds all jumbled together with other people struggling for people to see me.  Even if you hate this particular work of art you have to admit it makes you think.

Looking back at what I wrote, I realized I never really answered those questions, in fact I only added more.  Yes, I know that this is not your typical Indie Girl blog, but sometimes being Indie is seeing if you can do something different seeing if you can think outside of the box.  If anything, I hope I at least gave you some food for thought and introduced you to a modern artist that you otherwise may not have known of. 

I don’t normally ask this but please if you have any thoughts on this let me know.  Tell me what you think.  Tell me what makes art; art for you.  Now this Indie Girl must go and create something! J

·         “The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei.” Tate, n.p. 2010.

Links To The Pictures:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Really Awesome Podcasts

I have found a new addiction it's Podcasts!  Easy to download (most of the time there free) to your ipod or whatever you have.  Here are a few that I'm hooked on:

ForceCast:  If you love Star Wars then this is a great one to listen to.  These guys are funny and you can get all the latest Star Wars News!

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem:  Tons of the latest Indie bands!  Way cool!

If there is anyone who knows of any more let me know!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The England That I Love

There are times when this Indie Girl gets some seriously itchy travel feet.  Every once in awhile, I have a strong urge to abandon my job, sell everything, and head back to England.  That’s right England.  It all started when my Mom would have tea with me.  Around noon, PBS would show an hour of British TV.  We would sit down with our cups of tea and plates of biscuits and watch.  I became fascinated with that culture, and I still am today.

During my college years I traveled to England once every year totaling about four times I have been to various parts of England.  I visited Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford – Upon – Avon, and of course London.  I love the people, culture and history of England.    

Every time I visit England, I feel that I am arriving home.  Even London feels like home to me despite the fact I am from a small town.  As soon as you start walking around anywhere in England you can feel the history of that place.  You don’t even have to visit Stonehenge to feel how old those places are.  The English people are often criticized for being snobbish, but I found that they are a quiet people who have figured out a way to mix the past with the present.

While in England, I visited old cathedrals, historical hot spots of famous authors and spent most of my time and money at as many theater productions as I could find.  Let’s face it, the British know how to put on a performance.  Shakespeare is still felt in every production you see, no matter how modern it is.  If you every visit England, skip some of the tourist places and spend your money on a theater productions - well worth it!

As far as the food is concerned I personal did not pay attention -  sorry.  I mostly drank tea and ate carrot cake.  I did however avoid McDonalds and Starbucks like the plague.  I have nothing against either of those places.  I go there a lot, but when I’m in another country I want to try something different, more local.

Everyone should travel.  Doesn’t matter if it’s England or an hour away from where you live.  Every place, every person, every history gives us something to learn and grow from.  Being Indie is about trying new things and exploring places that we are not from.  So with that I unashamedly show off my travel pictures to you dear blog readers.

Now this Indie Girl must go and create something or plan her next big trip! J

 Indie Girl in China by Shelli Bullard Trowbridge top of Blog.
Lindow Man at the British Museum.
Stonehedge and Me
Big Ben London