Friday, April 1, 2011

The England That I Love

There are times when this Indie Girl gets some seriously itchy travel feet.  Every once in awhile, I have a strong urge to abandon my job, sell everything, and head back to England.  That’s right England.  It all started when my Mom would have tea with me.  Around noon, PBS would show an hour of British TV.  We would sit down with our cups of tea and plates of biscuits and watch.  I became fascinated with that culture, and I still am today.

During my college years I traveled to England once every year totaling about four times I have been to various parts of England.  I visited Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford – Upon – Avon, and of course London.  I love the people, culture and history of England.    

Every time I visit England, I feel that I am arriving home.  Even London feels like home to me despite the fact I am from a small town.  As soon as you start walking around anywhere in England you can feel the history of that place.  You don’t even have to visit Stonehenge to feel how old those places are.  The English people are often criticized for being snobbish, but I found that they are a quiet people who have figured out a way to mix the past with the present.

While in England, I visited old cathedrals, historical hot spots of famous authors and spent most of my time and money at as many theater productions as I could find.  Let’s face it, the British know how to put on a performance.  Shakespeare is still felt in every production you see, no matter how modern it is.  If you every visit England, skip some of the tourist places and spend your money on a theater productions - well worth it!

As far as the food is concerned I personal did not pay attention -  sorry.  I mostly drank tea and ate carrot cake.  I did however avoid McDonalds and Starbucks like the plague.  I have nothing against either of those places.  I go there a lot, but when I’m in another country I want to try something different, more local.

Everyone should travel.  Doesn’t matter if it’s England or an hour away from where you live.  Every place, every person, every history gives us something to learn and grow from.  Being Indie is about trying new things and exploring places that we are not from.  So with that I unashamedly show off my travel pictures to you dear blog readers.

Now this Indie Girl must go and create something or plan her next big trip! J

 Indie Girl in China by Shelli Bullard Trowbridge top of Blog.
Lindow Man at the British Museum.
Stonehedge and Me
Big Ben London