Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I liked/Disliked about Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1


1. Dobby Death Scene:  I cried when Dobby passed away it was a touching scene and I am glad they kept that in the movie.

2. Turning into Harry Potter:  Amazing funny scene when everyone turns into Harry Potter right before they escape the Dursley's home.

3.  Ron Gets Grumpy:  It was difficult to read when Ron leaves the group because of his jealousy issues but I'm glad they kept that in the movie it plays an important part in the books.

4.  Malfoy's Are Afraid:  I was glad to see that they made it a point to show how fearful Lucius was of Voldemort.  Before Voldemort came back Lucius was the big dog but then Lucius reliazes how cruel controlling Voldemort is.  The actor Jason Isaacs played that well showing the fear in Lucious eyes.  You could tell the whole Malfoy family was suffering under Voldemort.

5.  The Animated tale of the Three Brothers was awesome.

What I Disliked:

1.  When Hedwig dies.  It was hard reading it in the book, hard to see it in the movie.

2.  Potter Watch Radio Program:  I would have liked to see them listening to Fred and Lee Jordan's underground radio program it just was one of my favorite parts in the book.

3.  I wish they wouldn't have skipped over the scene when he watches the Dursley's leave.  They should have shown how Dudley was kind to him and the scene with Petunia that is in the book.  Would have shown why Petunia was the way she was. 

Movie was fun to watch and like always; books are always better then the movie.  Now this Indie Girl must get back to work! :)  Here is a clip from the movie!