Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book Worms Unite!!!

Yes, I read a lot and yes, I have a lot of books. Here is my reading list for August.

1. The Hobbit By J.R.R Tolkien - I read the entire Lord of the Rings series at least once a year. 

2.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians  By Rick Riordan - EXCELLENT books for both children and adults. The author is a genius mixing Greek history with the modern world. A great way to brush up on Greek mythology. Also, a great tool to help children learn a little about Greek history. This series sits right next to my Harry Potter books.

3. The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitsgerald - Just started this book. So far so good.

4.  Mountain Men by George Laycoc - History of the trappers out here in the west. Amazing stories of their battles with the Native American tribes, nature, and what they discovered.

If anyone has read any of these books let me know what you think about them.

Indie Girl Out. :)
The Great Gastby