Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Little Things That Make Us Scream!

So I asked all my friends on Facebook to list some of their "little" annoyances.  The respond was great and many of my friends came up with more then one.

1.  Chip Crunching Maniacs (That's for my Sister Anne)

2.  Lucky Charms 95% cereal 5% marshmallows.

3.  When it's time to fill up the car with gas again.

4.  Forgetting your chapstick.

5.  Smudges on my glasses.

6.  Tuesdays

7.  Facebook Changes (which seems to be every other week. Why can't they just leave it alone?)

8.  The amazing vanishing act of Wal-Mart employees right when you need one.

9.  Let's add grocery shopping too.

10.  Out of coffee

Here are your responses:

1.  Poor Grammer

2.  Adult children leaving dirty dishes in the sink.


4.  Burnt popcorn

5.  cutting your finger on the box of aluminum foil

6.   People in real life who deny the obvious when it is a reality to others