Friday, February 11, 2011

My First Post

I am by no means a professional blogger, nor do I plan on making this some sort of career.  I wanted to try something new because that is who I am. I try new things.   I enjoy writing, and felt this would be a great way to at least have one person view my writings.

What to blog about what to blog about?  That was the question.  Should I blog about cooking?  Hmmm well I make a pretty snazzy Spongebob Mac and Cheese (always add a hotdog to your mac and cheese its so good!).  No can’t do that I’m no cook.  How about music?   I love music, well I have a mighty collection of random music, but I never have the money to go to concerts, so no.  Fashion?  I mostly wear pjs.   That’s not really impressive or sexy, My Life? Well let’s see I wake up about 6:30 go to work, work all day and then I come home, watch TV go to bed, and do it all over again.  So no.

After much thought I came to a conclusion; I’m an Indie girl I love the unusual, the past, and I love to be slightly different from those around me.  The Indie Wave as I shall call it, has peaked my interest.  I love the Indie Fashion, music, philosophy, and art.  So hence forth my blog will contain varies tid bits, facts and my own personal thoughts on this new exciting culture.

Lamar is a tiny tiny town in the middle of the Prairie I love it here but let’s face it I’m the only Indie out here, and this is my story.