Friday, February 25, 2011

Creativity Block

Wow! I really do not feel like being creative this week!  Sad isn’t it?  I start a blog that is supposed to be about a creative Indie Girl and I really honestly cannot think of anything creative.  I mean I’ve got nothin’, zilch, notta.  I haven’t touched my knitting since last week, haven’t even begun the research needed for two of my stories, and I have only been listening to New Age River sounds music.  All of this is the combination of a bad week, writer’s block and a touch of my own specialty: laziness.  So what is an Indie Girl to do when this happens?

I know that things take work.  Nothing is easy.  You simply do not pick up a pen and a large wonderful novel appears.  It requires work - like everything.  Imagination takes work and practice.  Yes, that’s right imagination takes work. 

We all have imaginations.  As children we imagine our Barbies enjoying their large mansion married happily to giant GiJoe and having little GiJoe children.  Okay that particular one was me but you know what I’m saying.  As we grow older our imagination changes.  We imagine our wedding, our job, our college, etc….  Then when reality hits us, we start imagining credit card bills being paid off, new carpet and retirement. 

It’s around this time that our imagination suffers a bit.  For some of us we simply can’t imagine things that are physically impossible.  For instance I use to imagine I was Xena Warrior Princess now well I eat too many doughnuts to be able to do those flips.  So imagining myself as Xena isn’t going to make it happen.

I use to lay awake in bed at night and imagine all sorts of stories.  I’m serious.  I had one story going for months and months.   In fact that same story I am now trying to write out on paper.  Now though I am so tired from work that I fall asleep before the end of a song on my ipod.  I’ve got so much to think about; work, bills, family, and church.  It is difficult to squeeze anything else in there.

Yet, I still feel a burning passion to create.  It is not as easy as it used to be, but the desire is still there.  I want to be that little girl again who imagined all sorts of stories.  So what do I do?

Well first for me personally I pray.  I also realized that I need to take a few deep breaths, step back and realize that when you stress too much, you lose the love you had for the project.  I’m not on a time crunch, and I’m not trying to make ends meet with my projects.  These are hobbies that I enjoy and I cannot let myself stress so much that I do not enjoy them.

Also, it would help if I wasn’t so lazy; it’s nice to think about doing something, but even better to actually do it.  Is there anyone out there that is going through this or feels the same way I do?  Anybody suffering from Creativity Block?  Please let me know how you deal!

Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse and it takes work!
Now this Indie Girl most go and create something!  Or at least try! J

Indie Girl Side Notes

I just recently purchased The King is Dead by The Decemberist.  It is amazing!  I thought they could not possiably top The Hazards of Love but they did.  I'll leave a link to their website check it out this is a great Indie Band!  I also threw in one of their older music videos 16 Military Wives just for fun. :)