Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yes, I Choose History As My Degree Deal With It!

What are you going to do with that?  I hear this all the time when people find out my degree is in History/Literature. I overheard one woman say that people should get degrees that have a solid job base and will make you money. I can’t disagree with her, but on the other hand, do you choose a degree because you might make money or do you choose something you will want to work hard for because you love it?

There is no guarantee that you will find the job of your dreams after graduating.  Some careers take time and a lot of sacrifice to achieve. The truth is sometimes our passions do not earn us a large paycheck. I choose my degree because:

* I love history; I love literature. My passions are in the past and the writings of great authors.

          * My talents lie in teaching, creativity, and researching.

                         * Becoming a professor is one of my career goals.

The career that I have chosen will take time to obtain but, I am willing to wait and work hard to achieve it. No, I may never earn “the big bucks” but, the thought of doing something without any passion  scares me more.
Knowledge is never a waste, no matter what field you choose to study.  All areas of education are important. Whether you choose to go to college or whether you don’t doesn’t matter. Keep learning new things and make sure to have a passion for something.

If you are thinking of a college degree here are a few things to consider:

* Do you have a career goal? Yes, you still need one. It might take years to reach it, and you may have to work at a different job first but, most people do after graduating.

* Where do your passions lie? Art, music, science, or math? It doesn’t matter. Do what you love, or you’ll pay a lot of money to do something you find boring.
* Do not go to college because, you don’t know what else to do. That can be a costly mistake.

*Don’t go just for a big time career with lots of money. Sometimes you graduate and that doesn’t happen.

Indie Girl Out! :)

* Kudos to my Uncle Tim in helping me with this blog and for his awesome quotes. He brought wonderful insight into the matter.