Friday, August 26, 2011

Indie Girl Gets Her Geek On At The Fair.

It has been YEARS since I've been to our local fair.  So when Dad offered for me to come along with him, I agreed. Lamar does know how to put on a good fair.  There were lots of booths, animals, and food lots and lots of food.

You can't go to a fair without checking out all the farm animals. Of course there is your typical cow, chicken, and bunny.  Also, large sheep that look like killers. They were huge! I just always imagine a little white ball of fluff as a sheep. Personally, I found the chickens to be fascinating. I have always wanted to raise chickens, though with 5 cats I can see where a problem might occur.
Along with my Dad, our next stop was food. We had delicious pulled beef, chips, beans and tea. The only weird thing was eating standing up. They had this large table’s chest high and you just picked a spot and ate. Kinda out of my comfort zone. I hate eating with people I don't know standing that close to them. The food though was EXCELLANT!

Whenever you attend a fair it is customary to eat a Funnel Cake. I purchased one and found the thing to be bigger than my face. Wow, a combination of grease and powder sugar. It was divine. Who in their right mind doesn't enjoy grease and powdered sugar?

After stuffing ourselves full, we then went to the rodeo. I am not a huge fan of the rodeo, but I do appreciate the history and the part it plays in our culture out here in the west. The skill it takes to do what those cowboys do amazed me.

Last, but not least, we went to the carnival. Whenever I think of the carnival, I think of that X-Files episode where Scully and Mulder run into all these strange, creepy carnie people. I've got a chill just thinking about it. (Good episode worth digging out your old X-Files dvds and watching) This carnival was great - lots of lights, music and games for all ages. What I really appreciated was the safety. The Sheriff’s department was out roaming the grounds. This allowed families to feel comfortable even late at night.

I certainly enjoyed myself and look forward to next year’s fair. Indie Girl out! :)