Friday, May 20, 2011

Nothing Wrong With Being Single

Just to let you know, I am updating my blog.  Thanks to my Ninja Friend J  we will be able to provide better Geeky, Indie updates for you as well as some fun new blog ideas we are working on.  Thanks for all those who have faithfully been reading and supporting my blog efforts.  I really do appreciate it and hope that as I continue to blog I will improve and so will the blog in general. Now back to the blog.

Let’s just get this straight there is nothing wrong with being single.  I think in this society we have it in our heads to try to fix people.  For some reason we seem to think that if someone isn’t like us they need help.  Well I’ve got news for you.  I don’t.

I’ve noticed that single people seem to only develop pity from others.  Well we don’t need your pity.  I am perfectly happy being single and I have a complete and full life thanks to my relationship with my heavenly Father and to my loving friends and family.  Sure it would be nice to get hitched one day but I’m in no hurry right now.  When it happens it will happen and if it doesn’t it doesn’t and that’s fine with me.  Sure there are single adults out there whose whole goal in life is to get married.  However, you cannot except marriage to fix your problem of loneliness.  Married people can be lonely too.  Putting all your hopes and dreams onto one person isn’t fair to that person nor to yourself.  Have faith in yourself first. 

Single people get no respect.  For some reason if you are married you are considered an adult.   Hmmm that is strange considering that I know some married people that are just about as mature as a 9 year old child.  Maturity does not come through marriage no one can make you mature.  Maturity comes from learning to have faith, work hard, and treat others with respect along with many other traits.  If I am not considered an adult now when will I be?  Does my job and my bachelor’s degree not count as being an adult?   Does the fact that I still pay bills, get myself to work, and take care of my household not count as an adult life?

Stop trying to fix people.  It’s not just single people who get picked on, divorced people, and married people who do not have children.  If you do not have children people treat you as though you have no idea how to handle children or they will fill sorry for you because you don’t.  Divorced people are considered to be depressed and need to get married again right away when in reality maybe they just need time to heal first.  My advice if you’re so desperate to fix something fix yourself.  Maybe you have a problem because you are so focused on fixing others your ignoring your own problems.  Just a thought.

Well I think I’m done with my little rant.  I’m not trying to sound anger or upset.  I am very happy and content with my life and this Indie Girl with Geekish ways isn’t worried about getting married. J