Friday, March 25, 2011

My Most Awesome Sweet Weekend

It’s spring! Well, almost.  This Indie Girl had the most awesomest, creative, weekend ever!  Maybe it was the spring air, or the unusual amounts of coffee that I consumed last weekend, but it was what I needed to kick - off some creative projects.

My first major creative project was gardening.  I love getting my hands caked in mud and feeling the dirt between my toes.  I spent two hours out in the warm sunshine helping my mom plant new spring plants.  We cleared the flower beds, put up our “garden art” AKA gnomes, and started the sprinkler system.  All signs that spring is here.  It also gave me an opportunity to take photos of our new spring plants.


That wasn’t all I worked on.  In my pjs and pink bunny slippers, I indulged in my creative fever.  I knitted, worked on my blog site, and started varies mix media projects.  Along with cleaning and watching Star Wars, I was on a roll.  There is nothing you can’t do in pjs and pink bunny slippers.
                                                                                           The second creative project that I worked on was what I call Door Art.  It’s so simple it’s sad.  All you need is a door, scissors, tape and a lot of old magazines.  Simply cut out your favorite pictures or random words and tape them in a pleasing fashion on your door.  It’s a cheap way to bring a little modern art into a room.  Since I love photography, I love to save my favorite pieces and this is the perfect way to display them.

It’s like putting together a big puzzle.  It’s a great mix media project.  Below is a picture of the back of my bedroom door.  I have been working on this for a few months now.  It’s not finished yet, but in some way I never want it to end because it is so much fun putting it together.

Anyway, I thought I just might share a few creative ideas with you.  Take advantage of the spring air and coffee if you so choose; start some creative projects. 

Now this Indie Girl must go and create something! J

Oh, yeah by the way, I wouldn’t recommend doing any garden work in bunny slippers you might ruin them. ;)