Friday, March 11, 2011

Indie Girl Takes Her Camera For A Walk

Indie Girl with Camera by Shelli Bullard Trowbridge
In the hopes of balancing the destruction I am causing my body by eating Spongebob Mac and Cheese I went for a walk last Saturday.  It was gorgeous!  There was a light cool breeze, the sun was out, and you could tell Spring was approaching.  It was refreshing.  I wore my brand new hiking shoes and took along my brand new camera.  I needed to practice using it.   So why not combine fitness with art.

I absolutely love photography.  It is an art form that combines both my loves: art and history.  It’s like a photographer cut out a moment in the fabric of time, and now we can see what life was like.  When things or people are long gone, you still have that one photo.

I have always admired photographers.  They see art in things that most people walk by every day like an empty swing set, a bird perched on a street lamp or a flower just blooming.  It’s incredible what they can capture.  They’re an artist without a brush.
My love for photography started when I first went overseas to Ireland and England.  I must have snapped over a hundred photographs.  It was so much fun.  Ever since then, I have always wanted to learn photography.  With that in mind, I am embracing the Indie in me and starting my journey with a camera.  Indie is about trying new things, and embracing the art around you. So I am going to with my camera. 

On my walk, I took sixty pictures of various things I found along my path.  I practiced with the different settings on the camera, different angles, and holding the camera still.  Most of my shots did not turn out, but a few did.  What was really important to me was to learn not to be afraid of my camera.

Yes, I am afraid of my camera!  It’s big and has a bunch of settings on it and I am afraid that I won’t take a cool picture.  I can’t let that stop me.  I have to overcome my fears and not be afraid to do something I enjoy. 

This makes me wonder how many people are too afraid to pursue their artistic passions.  Maybe it’s painting, drawing, writing or even sewing.  Are we afraid of what people will say?  Is it the fear of failure?  Why do we let that stop us?  Who cares what people say or even if it turns out terrible!  Wouldn’t it be worse for you never to try and then to wonder if you could have?  I say embrace your Indie and go out there and create something!

Now this Indie Girl most go and create something! J

I took these photos on the walking trail near our home.

Lamar, Colorado

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